The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

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The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon

He yanked open the door, but it banged shut as though wrenched away by a ghostly hand, and he realized the chain was still on. Fingers shaking, he unfastened that too and slammed out of the apartment. It seemed impossible that the hall should look just as it had when he had trudged upstairs five minutes earlier. Wall sconces cast creepy shadows down the mile of faded crimson carpet leading to the winding staircase. The long lace draperies stirred in the window draughts.

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Nothing else moved. The hall was empty, yet the disturbing feeling of being watched persisted.

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Perry listened to the sound of rain whispering against the windows, as though the house were complaining about the damp, the wood rot, the mustiness that permeated its aged bones. But it was the ominous silence on the other side of his own door that seemed to flood out everything else. Despite his desperation to get downstairs to lights and people, he felt peculiarly apprehensive about making the first move, about making a sound, about doing anything to attract attention -- the attention of something that might wait unseen in the dim recesses of the long hall.

He had to force himself to take the first step. Then he barreled down the hallway, narrowly missing the half-dead aspidistras in their tall marble planters. Despite the reassurances of his rational mind, he kept expecting an attack to launch itself from the cobwebbed corners. Reaching the head of the stairs, he hung tightly to the banister to catch his breath.

His knees were jelly. Uneasily, he looked behind himself. Nothing but the twitching draperies stirred the gloom. Perry headed down the stairs. Fifteen steps to the next level; he took them two at a time.

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Reaching the second floor, he hesitated. He is leaving soon for a job interview and is recovering from a divorce. However he looks at shy, young Perry, somewhat helpless with his sever asthma attacks and threatened by the fact someone broke into his house and left a body and feels a sense of duty to protect him.

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The setting for this book was perfect — a creepy old boarding house full of secret passages and dark corners. The neighbors are a riot, and as Perry investigates, he starts to become suspicious of each one I did too! It is a really fun mystery to try to figure out. Nick comes off as such tough, no-nonsense guy and Perry is a shy, struggling artist, who has lost a lot of confidence after being dumped.

However, they do have common ground — Nick is now out on his own after divorcing his wife and being thrown out of the Navy, and Perry is out on his own after his parents threw him out for being gay. Although Perry seems timid and unsure of himself at the beginning, he gets some guts and proves to be a good match for Nick.

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks – Josh Lanyon

This book is so good, both as a murder mystery and a romance. I would say this book is a bit more of a mystery, than a romance, but I feel the romance scenes that are included fit the pace of the book well. Josh Lanyon writes his characters with a smart and wonderful sense of humor. It is not necessarily laugh out loud funny, but there are so many times where I found myself smiling — and that is the best way to read a book.

Great review, Mandi! This sounds like fun, especially the humorous parts and the potential for great supporting characters with all the weirdoes in the boardinghouse, ha, ha!

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  • The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon - Read Online.

Plus the coming-of-age thing with Perry sounds good. Great review!! I glad you enjoyed it. You are welcome Josh.

Perry was such a cute man, I hope that Nick will treat him well :- Elisa ps I'm waiting for "my" story, the prequel of Dark Horse Link Reply Parent Thread. I start work on it week after next! Good boy!

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