Make Money Teaching Piano Lessons Even If You Are Not The Best Player On The Block

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She even offers professional development sessions for teachers who are looking for some ideas when it comes to teaching their own students. It is a totally free resource that anyone with a computer and Internet access has full access to all of what the website has to offer. There is no limit to what you can use the resources for and it is all totally free. Each of the lessons is taught via embedded videos on each page and each of the instructors on the videos are all accomplished cellists who give of themselves to help everyone gain the enjoyment that they experience from playing the cello.

Regardless of your skill level, you are likely to find lessons that will help you with whatever you feel that you are lacking. You do not need any special computer skills since all of the videos are on the site and do not require you to download anything.

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The website was founded by a man named Byron Duckwall and he is an accomplished cellist with more than 30 years of experience. His teachings focus on the Dounis method, which was developed by D. Dounis many years ago. The website features more than 50 video streams that do require you to sign up for a separate Vimeo account in order to get the player for the video streams. This is not part of your website subscription and you must have the Vimeo account set up first.

You can also sign up for one on one Skype lessons with Byron Duckwall on the website. Each online lesson will be 60 minutes in length for a nominal charge. Each one level has its own unique offering and pricing. You are likely to find whatever you are needing when it comes to learning how to play the cello at Masterthecello. The lessonface. Each of the teachers who are listed on the site has been fully vetted and background checked before they are added to the directory. The website lists how much each session will cost you and you are able to book your online sessions directly from the website.

There are some reviews of the teachers that were left by previous students that happen to use themselves. The cost of each online lesson will depend on how much each individual teacher chooses to charge for their individual time. When you go to the website there is a picture and profile for each of the teachers and you have the option to try any of them that you want to.

From the website, you can select and book your online video call lesson with the teaching of your choice. Depending on the area you live there could be hundreds of cello teachers who are available to teach you to play the cello wherever you have access to the Internet. Depending on your budget, you are sure to find one of the teachers that fit in with what you can afford. Each of the teachers listed includes a picture of the teacher, star rating based on reviews left by previous students who used them. Each listing displays how much they charge for each min session.

All payments are handled by the website and are required at the time of your booking of the session time. Each of the teachers brings their own unique skill set and style of teaching the cello and this creates an interesting dynamic for the student to be able to get a varied learning environment as compared to only learning from a single instructor in a studio or their own home. Online lessons can be considerably cheaper than a life lesson. The website features two highly qualified cellist who offers their teaching services for a nominal charge for each lesson.

The website is set up that you can read a brief profile of each of the teachers that are listed under the cello listing. There are pictures of each of the tutors and profile includes a listing of their experience. You are free to set up a trial lesson with the cello teacher that you feel most comfortable with. The list also includes any reviews that would have been left by previous users of the lessons provided by the teachers listed on the website. Each of the two cello instructors listed on Preply. The Preply.

You can even send a message to any of the tutors in order to get any answers to questions that you might have prior to scheduling your first online lesson.

The playwithpro. The service is set up where you can search for an online cello instructor by selecting different filter options in order to find the best possible selections. Once you have narrowed down your search parameters, you are left with a list of all of the teachers on their service that fit in with your criteria.

Each of the listings features a profile page that has a brief biography of their experience and teaching skills. You will also find a list of any reviews that were left by previous students who bought lessons from them in the past. You can book your lesson directly from the profile page if you feel it is acceptable and is ready to go.

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The website is set up in a way that makes it really easy to use and the filtering system helps to narrow down the selections to help make the process much quicker. Each of the instructors brings their own unique style of playing and teaching style so you are likely to find one of them that you can work well with. The service makes it very easy to get started and it even offers free trial lessons that will not cost you anything if you are not satisfied with the instructor.

You would simply find another instructor and request another free trial until you are happy with the instructor. Once you find a suitable instructor your credit card or debit card will be charged for any future lessons that you book directly with the teacher of your choice.

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You can find the rates that are charged depending on the area that you live in on the website by putting in your zip code. The Musika teaching network features instructors from all over the country and the world. They include people who have been taught in some of the most prestigious schools like Juilliard and Yale just to name a few.

Many of the current instructors also are performing as part of the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestras.

FAQs about Piano Tuning

When a piano is more than a little out of tune, tuning causes a significant change in the pressure on the piano. If the tuner simply begins tuning each string one-at-a-time, by the time he gets to the last string the total tension on the piano will have changed so much that the first strings are out of tune again.

To avoid the problem, the technician has to tighten each of the strings individually raise their pitch close to their eventual tension. Once the total pressure on the piano is close to its proper level, he can go back and tune each string more precisely. My piano doesn't hold its tuning long. What could be the problem? There are several problems that your piano could have. Most commonly the tuning pin block isn't holding the tuning pins tightly enough.

The tuning pin block is made of several layers of wood laminate, typically hard rock maple. Holes are drilled into it that are slightly smaller than the tuning pins that are inserted. The friction of the pin on the wood should hold the tuning pin in place against the tension of the string usually about lbs per string. If the pin has become loose in the tuning pin block, the pin will slip and release the pressure on the string. Sometimes the piano technician can apply a simple remedy, but often the tuning pin block is just worn out. Other tuning problems are caused more by the environment than something inside the piano itself.

If the piano is next to a door or window or the temperature or humidity in the room fluctuates substantially, the piano's wood and other parts will expand and contract causing the pressure on the strings to change. Just choose a policy which you are comfortable with, but make sure you are protected for any cancelled lessons at short notice. Interested in how Tim Topham structures his own studio policies? Save time and use it as a template for your own studio. Find out how to get access here. So everything is in place.

Your studio looks great, you have awell-writtenn payment and cancellation policy, and you have all the equipment you need.

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This is the hardest part and often where many music teachers struggle. It takes a big effort to get the ball rolling and find those first few pupils, as you need to get your name out there so people know about you and your business. You need a solid marketing plan, one which you can work on each day. Consistency and persistence are the key elements here, as it can take time to establish yourself as the go to guy for music lessons. Recommended: A guide to business and marketing for piano teachers.

Years ago, I taught a few piano students each week while I was studying at university. I would finish my lectures and then drive across town to teach in their homes. And full of enthusiasm to start earning some money, I accepted every student who approached me for piano lessons. On the positive side, my students were enthusiastic, reliable and eager to improve their piano skills.

Not to mention the lost money due to petrol and wear and tear on the car. Ok, so I was still a student, living at home with mum and dad. But this experience taught me a valuable lesson. If you spend 2 hours in total to teach a 1 hour lesson, it means you could teach 2 lessons in the same time if you did it in your own studio. Another tip to show your professionalism is to always book lessons back to back, even if you only have a few students.