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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: Isis sin velo. Libro II

Since then different works by H. Blavatsky are published every year to satisfy constant interest of readers. Nowadays all her books, most articles and majority of letters have been translated and published, most of them several times and in different translations. The major publications are:.

  1. They Call Me Chicken: A Story of Courage!
  2. Crossbow-Isle Ithilhin-Moonchild Part 3;
  3. murder stories.

There are more than dozen H. Blavatsky's biographies were translated into Russian and published. The biographies by V. Zhelihovskaya and H. Pisareva were written in Russian originally, they published as well. The modern authors made their contribution also:. Except literature Elena Petrovna's name became constant to sound at various conferences not only theosophical. There are also works devoted to H. Blavatsky in poetry and fine arts. There are several communities in every large Russian-speaking social network in Internet devoted to H. There are some resources:. Numerous groups of researchers continue work on studying H.

Blavatsky's heritage. They make an effort to restore the interest to her works in Russia and show the meaning of HPB activity in true light. The following are some of them, which currently continue their activity in chronological order of their appearance :. There are some H. All Ukrainian theosophists study H.

Blavatsky's works. Being born on the south of modern Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk city former Ekaterinoslav Helena Petrovna is deeply esteemed by the compatriots for her broad enlightenment work which she conducted worldwide. The house where she has born is under government protection and has a status of museum. There are annual meetings of adherents in there since In these meetings are transformed into scientific readings, which have a goal to study the heritage of the outstanding compatriot, the researcher, the philosopher and the writer and also to study a scientific and creative heritage of her family members.

Currently the museum is under construction. Ukrainian sculptor Alexey Leonov modeled H.

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  • H. P. Blavatsky (1831–1891).
  • Blavatsky's head and sculpture named "19 centure Sphynx" :. Uruguayans read H. Blavatsky's works in Spanish.

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    The works of H. There are many links to the Internet resources devoted to H. Blavatsky on Blavatsky Archives web-page. In Zambia, in the s efforts were made to translate some H. Blavatsky's works into a local language Bemba.

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    • Evans , a contemporaneous journalist and magician, described the book as a "hodge-podge of absurdities, pseudo-science, mythology and folk-lore, arranged in helter-skelter fashion, with an utter disregard of logical sequence. Some, like Darwin's theory of evolution, have continued to be accepted by the scientific community, while others, like the continent of Lemuria , though based on contemporaneous scientific theories, have long since been rendered obsolete by modern advances.

      Theosophy and Occultism as a whole gained a level of sophistication through the adoption of religious terms largely absent from the preceding Spiritualism movement. However, as Theosophy continued to grow as a religion, it became stuck with certain scientific ideas even after they had been discarded by the scientific community.

      The inability to adapt to scientific progress presents a disparity between modern Theosophy and the society's original motivations. Paul Johnson also notes that many of the more mythical elements of Blavatsky's works, like her later Masters , rather than being outright inventions, were reformulations of preexisting esoteric ideas and the casting of a large group of individuals—who helped, encouraged, or collaborated with her—under a mythological context; all driven by Blavatsky's search for spiritual truth. Sten Bodvar Liljegren notes that in addition to contemporaneous occult sources and the prevailing orientalism of the period, the novels of Edward Bulwer-Lytton heavily influenced Blavatsky's Theosophical ideas.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Key text in the Theosophical movement. Mead Arthur E. Moreover, there is no 'discrepancy' but only incompleteness — hence, misconceptions arising from later teachings. That is the old Platonic division. Plato was an Initiate, and therefore could not go into forbidden details; but he who is acquainted with the archaic doctrine finds the seven in Plato's various combinations of Soul and Spirit. The Oxford Companion to American Literature.

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      H.P.Blavatsky's heritage in the modern world

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