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Comment by Vacc Felfire Armory seems a good location to farm these. There are Explosive Munitions lying around that when clicked give you 3 charges of an extra action button. You can gather up a bunch, use the button on them and it AoEs for So far not really had to worry about not enough explosives. Note don't click explosives on the ground whilst you still have charges of an old one left, it seems to bug it out so you still have the button but no charge buff and can't use it.

Comment by Gimroth Can be looted from mobs after obtaining the Agent of the All-seer buff.

Dargaard - Demon Eyes - Ouvir Música

The buff lasts 60 minutes, but you cannot interact with NPC's from the Army of the Light while it's active. Orix the All-Seer appears to have an interest in the eyes.

Yes, I do have the buff. And you lose the buff when you die, of course. And you're meant to farm thousands of these. Alrighty then. Comment by Wurzler98 Found an Eye on Comment by Draccy I feel that with the risk you take to farm these, the drop rate could be a little bit better. The only risk for claws and bones were elite zones, but those were more manageable than taking double damage. Comment by Anatta The maximum number of eyes-per-mob seems to correspond to how many eyes the demon actually has.

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The only time I've got more than 2 from a single enemy has been killing the spider demons. That doesn't necessarily mean spiders are the best target to farm. They're fairly spread out and low in number compared to some other areas, and their drop chance might have been adjusted to keep the average the same as for demons with binocular vision. Comment by Seferus Seems like the farm south of "The Spirit Crucible" with the dogs got stealth nerfed. I do not get any eyes About mobs.

Comment by Eaglecreek49 Used for turn in to a vendor Orix the All seer for some items in case anyone comes looking for what these are used for rather than everything else mentioned so far. Comment by OniRyo A great spot is at Mobs have a nearly instant respawn timer and there's a huge amount of mobs there. Comment by elvinhock whoever has these tasks needs a BUFF.

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Comment by Rutaria Trivial mobs like imps don't appear to drop these, so you can't really farm them from the imp cave. The Felfire Armory and Darkfall Ridge seem to be the best places currently to farm them. Comment by hidexi Apparently logging out removes your buff. I logged out for about 20 mins right after taking the buff, to avoid wasting it while i had to do some irl things. When i logged back in the buff was gone and so was the eye. Comment by Dianora You can quit the farming after eyes, at which point you've gotten everything from it.

First priority is to get to to get the Gift of the All-Seer so you don't have to run back to get another buff. On your way to get this, you're highly to get So pay attention to the area you're in. Some sections have humanoids and demons. Non-elite imps did not drop a single eye even though we killed a ton of them. Other non-elite demons dropped sporadically -- zero over 20 kills, then 5 on a single kill.

Not sure where that demon was hiding the extra eyes though Elites had a much higher drop rate. Stock up on some extra All-Seer's Draught so you don't have to stop and find another All-Seer's Focus if you die or are farming longer than an hour. It will still take quite a few hours to farm enough eyes for both the pet and the toy, but this should save some time. Happy Hunting!

Comment by zlopeh Found a quite good farming route. You can swap between two areas with decent spawn rate.

Demon Eyes

Clear the first, move to next by jumping over the cliffs canopying the lava river. The previous area will have respawned when you return. Got in no time. Recommend picking up the bombs on the ground at Felfire Armory to oneshot the group you've gathered up. They can also be used to nuke rare-elites, and you'll get 3 stacks of the bombs. Comment by Cheilynn Hearthing to the Vindicaar removes your buff.

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We were farming around Watcher Aival in Antoran Wastes. Good luck!

Izzie's - Demon Eyes

Comment by Mines51 Best spot so far to spawn these has been the area above the Seer's cave. This spot is best tackled as a group as there are some humanoid mobs who don't drop eyes, but the spawn rates are REALLY fast in a group of at least 5 players. It will port you outside of the camp, however, since you'll be hostile to the Army of Light.

Comment by BigRed Entering invasion points removes the buff too - I thought I'd be smart, what with loads of demons there, instead I just lost the buff. Lots of demons mixed in with a few humanoids. Got a great drop rate and fast spawn. Comment by Urame The best spot to farm is at They are spawning quickly. Comment by nsmang This comment needs upvotes for farming this. It's super convenient if you are using the mining colony place, but probably worth it for others as well.

The Ur'zul mobs demon dog looking things drop a green crystal on the ground when they die and it will give ONE person a minute buff called Acid Infusion Acid Infusion. I can't stress how overpowered having this buff is as a melee. Comment by wozzie good place to farm these is Miners don't drop eyes but they also don't auto-aggro if you won't attack them.

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Comment by Starletta I honestly have found that the very best place to farm eyes is the felfire armory. The putrid engineers have a very good drop rate and they are super easy to kill. You can pick up the explosive munitions, get a large group and one shot them. Then run over to the Southeast corner where the elites are, pull a group and one shot them with the explosive munitions. Just FYI, the explosive munitions have 3 rounds. You need to use all 3 before picking up more munitions. I start where the invasion portal is, there are lots of putrid engineers there, grab some of the wrath guards, run over to the area between the two structures where there will be two piles of munitions, use one round, grab eyes, then it's kind of a loop.

Once I have killed all the putrids in the area, I go kill some elites, rinse and repeat. Comment by prudentius Some tips on making this easier for farming: Get the three buffs from the Ancient Eredun Scroll.

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They will help with mitigating the increased damage. The healing it gives is considerable. Now the kicker: kill the elite Ur'zul Fiend that patrols the bridge near Gar'zoth.